Nicole Gigatti – ‘Keep going’ (kalligrafie serie van 4)

Nicole Gigatti is een abstracte schilder en illustrator. Ze is geboren in Italië en verhuisde naar Nederland toen ze zes jaar was. Nu werkt  ze afwisselend vanuit haar studio in Deventer en haar kantoor in het creatieve broednest Volkshotel in Amsterdam. De getoonde twee werken komen uit een kalligrafieserie van vier. Dit zijn de 2e en 4e uit de serie, samengesteld uit Indiase inkt, pastel en graffiti op 360 gr. papier.

Mee informatie over het leven en werk van Nicole is beschikbaar op haar website.

Nicole Gigatti is an abstract painter and illustrator. She is born in Italy and moved to the Netherlands at the age of six. Now she works from her studio in Deventer and her office in the creative hub of the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. The works are from a calligrafy serie and are composed out of Indian ink, oil pastels, and Graffiti on 360 gr. Paper

Before Nicole Gigatti became a visual artist, she used movement as a means to explore her body. First through dance and later in her yoga practice. This exploration strives beyond the goal of to be aesthetically apealing. Rather, it acts as an inner observation of both the conflict and the balance. She uses her body as a tool to collect and express those components. Movement was not enough for her to make these components visible. She needed something more permanent. So as an extension of her hand, she added various materials. This led to the eventual creation of her abstract artworks. In her work she looks for materials that can be handled quickly, such as graffiti, markers, oil pastels and acrylic paint to enable this physical expression. Therefor the action becomes just as important as the final artwork itself.

More info is available on her website.

Afmetingen/Measurements: H 52 x L 42 cm (lijst/frame: 73 x 63 cm)

Prijs/Price: € 900,00 – Setprijs/set price (2): € 1.800,00

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