Rode Willy Rizzo kast

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Een grote donkerrode kast, bestaande uit een onderkast met negen elementen die zich als Lego blokken laten stapelen. Zo kunnen één grote of twee kleine kasten worden samengesteld. Het ontwerp is van de Italiaanse ontwerper en fotograaf Willy Rizzo (1928-2013) en het stamt uit de jaren 60. Een kast van dit formaat is zeldzaam. Gemaakt uit gelamineerd hout met metalen details. De kast vertoont lichte gebruikssporen, overeenkomstig de leeftijd van het meubel.

A rare dark red double bookcase and sideboard with nine sectional elements, designed by the Italian designer and photographer Willy Rizzo (1928-2013), 60s. Rizzos furniture is contemporary in style and always based on natural and noble materials such as wood, marble, stainless steel, brass, wild boar. The elements of the cupboard are like LEGO bricks which can be put together in various ways to build one big or two smaller structures. Laminated wood structure. Chromed metal details. The furniture has minor traces of wear, corresponding to the age of the furniture.

Born in Naples in 1928, Willy Rizzo started his career as a photographer in Paris very early inthe 40s. Great photographer of personalities, fashion and greatreports, he has exhibited all over the world: at Galerie Agathe Gaillard in Paris,at Galerie Bukamura in Tokyo, at Maison de la Photographie in Moscow, at Mallett gallery in New York and London, at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, or evenat the MUBE in São Paulo.

In 1968, he moved to Rome and began his workdesigner for his personal needs because, according to him, “Scandinavian furniturewere neither comfortable enough nor luxurious enough. ” When asked, he creates hisworkshops in 1970 and launched its points of sale worldwide. “Imagination and strong modern style” are the words that define his style. Today his Elliptical marble table is exhibited at MoMA in New York. Willy Rizzo died in 2013.

Afmetingen/ Measurements: H 227 x W 212 x D 43,5 cm.

Grote onderkast/Big base (1x): H79xW106xD43,5 cm; Kleine onderkast/Small Base (2x): H79xW53xD43,5 cm;

Kleine module/Small Module (2x): H37xW53xD30 cm; Grote module/Big Module (5x): H37xW106xD30 cm.

Module met boekenplank/Module with book shelf (2x): H57,5xW53xD30 cm

Prijs/Price: € 9.995,00

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